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We are fully equipped to offer services that support various components to a successful ice rink event that are often overlooked: site preparation, ice rink rentals, management and operations, preemptive solutions, marketing and sponsorship.

Services We Offer


Turnkey Rinks

We offer turnkey project services that cover the gamut of an ice rink event from install to operations and rink breakdown. While we also provide specialized assistance based on an individual project's needs, our full-service package is a straightforward and popular model that many clients select.


Staffing (Full or Partial)

Want to ensure that your ice rink is in the right hands? Our turnkey project option includes full staffing and training of personnel. However, we can also provide for managerial staffing or a load-in technician to continue your rink's smooth operation in the event that you already own our rink system.


Team Building

Ice-America launched its Team Building & Entertainment Events division this year, incorporating our patented skating aids and Icebyk® to create inclusive game events and brand new circuit experiences that get people engaging with each other beyond the average meeting room!


Technical Solutions

We will help you every step of the way and deliver timely customer service and support, so that you don't get left in the cold! Our services also extend to ice solutions and troubleshooting for any ice rink projects out there facing concerns of higher-temperature environments and ice quality consistency. ​​

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