Roller Rinks

Let the good times roll!

From open fields to vacant parking lots and unused sport courts, activate your off-season spaces with Ice-America’s Roller Division and add a brand new outdoor skating activity to your programming lineup.

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Roller Rinks...for Retro Fun!

A set of wheels and some even ground may be all you technically need, but Roller Skating is about community and bringing people together.

Try something new this season, with a pop-up roller rink that is sure to please!

This popular pastime from the glittering discothéque era never really left, and its recent return to the mainstream speaks for itself.

Host your city’s go-to roller skating attraction this year and give your community what they’re already looking for – a chance to dress up, get out and get moving!


Featured in this video is our roller disco floor, built for Constellation Immersive’s experiential event, “The DiscOasis” at the South Coast Botanic Gardens in Palos Verdes Estates, CA.

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