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Before & After Photos

HB - Pier Plaza - Before

Beachfront Plaza: Before

Huntington Beach is home to both the U.S. Open and the world's largest surfing competition. The winters here are mild—given the occasional heat wave—and the weather is generally hot and humid. A beachfront ice skating rink is, more or less, the last thing most people would expect.

HB - Pier Plaza - After

Beachfront Plaza: After

But when we say that our patented ice floor technology can handle heat loads of up to 90ºF, "Surf City Winter Wonderland" is a prime example. And with no tent cover, too! How many places do you know where you can skate to the beats of crashing waves and a coastline view?

SA - Plaza - Before

Civic Center: Before

Pop-up ice rinks are ideal holiday attractions for city and municipal centers. It serves as a seasonal centerpiece that revitalizes vacant spaces. It drives foot traffic. And it boosts exposure for surrounding businesses.

SA Plaza - After

Civic Center: After

Most importantly? It is a meaningful way for cities to connect with and give back to their communities. By establishing an annual skating tradition, cities offer their communities a social and cultural opportunity to gather. As a standalone feature or a part of a larger winter activation, skating outdoors is sure to be memorable!

DiscOasis - Before

Garden: Before

We have a thorough process of surveying our sites, both before and after an event. As many of our projects are pop-up and seasonal, preserving the integrity of our project sites is a top priority. You might be asking, how do we then go about also transforming those spaces?

DiscOasis - After - Roller Rink

Garden: After

Well, we work with and around it, of course! In 2021, we joined forces with Constellation Immersive—an experiential event producer—to bring an outdoor roller disco rink to the South Coast Botanic Gardens in Los Angeles, CA. Without compromising the flora and fauna, we built the DiscOasis rink around the center palm island on a raised deck. Then, as seen here, the existing palm trees were incorporated into the center stage's aesthetic.


Waterpark: Before

Outdoor waterparks can start at 12 acres and range to a sprawling 60! As with most waterparks, that’s a lot of land sitting empty during fall and winter. What better way to fulfill a vision of year-round festivities than to incorporate an ice rink and transform the space into a winter wonderland?


Waterpark: After

SomerSplash waterpark did just that. Their new winter attraction, “Tiki’s Winter Wonderland,” opened during the winter and ran into early spring of 2022. Outfitted with classic winter concessions and open fire pits, the ice rink was an especially welcome respite for the community to skate away the holiday blues.

Dodgers Stadium - Before

Baseball Stadium: Before

The Major League Baseball season spans from spring to mid-fall, which means a lot of empty ball parks and fields once November hits. While offseason can certainly be a time to prepare for the new season ahead, it can also be a time to generate revenue instead. Especially, during the holidays and through to January.

Dodgers Stadium - After

Baseball Stadium: After

Dodger Stadium thought it was a good idea, too. So, after the close of the 2021 baseball season, Ice-America was on site to build for a Thanksgiving open. It wasn't the first time an ice rink had graced the Dodgers' field. However, it marked the first time an ice rink was open for the public to come and enjoy. For fans and loyal patrons, it was a unique chance to experience the stadium with loved ones right on the game field.

Sacramento Arena - Before

Arena: Before

For tours, the logistical challenge is usually a tight arena schedule. This is why installing temporary ice can prove to be a hurdle. After all, ice needs time to freeze and it must do so within a very limited window of time. That is also not accounting for the rink load-out, which must also fit within the arena's schedule.

Sacramento Arena - After

Arena: After

Fortunately, our ice floors are fold-out and aluminum. They cool much quicker than the average ice floor and are also just as efficient to transport. This enabled us to provide clients, like Cirque du Soleil, pristine and high-quality ice to their state-of-the-art touring production of "Crystal."

ALO - Before

Warehouse: Before

Sometimes, you are limited by the space you have for your event. From there, the limitations can extend to other logistical disadvantages, as well. When taken altogether, it seems insurmountable. However, knowing what you have to contend with makes all the difference.

ALO - After

Warehouse: After

We work with you to provide solutions for your site and guide you through troubleshooting potential challenges. As our floor system is modular, we can scale to custom fit to smaller or larger venue spaces with preexisting structural obstructions. Alo Yoga's ALO Winter House is a testament to how a challenging space can be reimagined and transformed!

Cosmo Rooftop Pool - Before

Rooftop Pool: Before

Ice-America often gets asked if we can do an ice rink over a pool. The answer is that not only can we do an ice rink over your pool, but we can also build it atop a rooftop! What's more, we've built ice rinks on pool decks, on rooftops and in the desert! Does that help answer the question?

Cosmo Rooftop Pool - After

Rooftop Pool: After

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hosts a holiday ice rink that is currently equipped with an Ice-America system. Our patented aluminum floors are reputable for their fast-cooling capabilities and adjustable gauge to temperature changes—ideal for the desert's high highs and low lows.


Campus: Before

Whether it's a school or corporate campus, everyone does better when they feel valued and connected. Providing an outlet to escape stress and connect with peers beyond the usual setting can make a big difference. It's why entire departments for campus activities and programming exist. Are you looking to nurture a sense of community and to create an opportunity to get moving outside?


Campus: After

This is what Deerfield Academy decided to do with their unactivated quad space. Students, faculty and staff returned from holiday break to find a new outdoor rink on campus! Not only has it been a welcome addition for all students to enjoy with friends, but it is also extra ice space for the school's hockey team to conduct team practices.

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