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Proven at hundreds of ice rink projects annually, our patented and highly engineered rink system is the industry leader when it comes to energy efficiency, leak resistance and consistent ice quality even in summer.


Plastic and synthetic rubber ice floors are among the most common rink systems on the market today, but this is what makes our aluminum ice floors stand out and why ice rink events are switching over.


In an industry where most portable rink systems demand anywhere from 3 to 5 days of build time, our aluminum ice system can efficiently get you setting up shop in 24 hours and 6 steps.


So, you have officially set up shop and patrons are coming through the door.  You have your main sources of income that typically comes from operating an ice rink event, but there are so many other opportunities to explore!


Ice rinks on beach fronts and in high-heat environments?  Our patented enhancement is a unique solution to not only ensure quality ice for longer operating hours, but also quality ice in warmer subtropical climates up to 90°F.


Quality ice is fundamental and should never be optional.  It is the foundation of what will keep your rink project operating smoothly during your entire season and more importantly, safely!


We won an award from the largest, premier trade association in the Amusement Parks and Attractions industry for our newest product, the Icebyk®!  It “drifted” right past the finish line as a winner and we could not be more excited to share the news with you!

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