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Flexible Solutions

Find the right solutions tailored to your individual project needs! We'll employ our expertise to guide you through the options that best fit your goals, so you can feel confident in your choices.


Superior Performance

Backed by more than 600 realized portable ice rink projects around the world, our industry-leading system earned its patent by outperforming in energy efficiency, leak-resistance and quality ice even in summer.



Aluminum's durability far outlasts traditional rubber or plastic ice floor systems. And its ability to freeze water at a quicker and more efficient rate means less energy consumption and by extension, lower operating costs.


Modular Design

A hallmark of our unique fold-out floor is its smart, modular feature. Scale up, down or even around to custom fit a variety of shapes, sizes or existing venue spaces. Improvise, adapt, overcome!


Beat The Heat

Our patented aluminum floors possess high cooling capacity and the ability to adjust to sudden temperature changes, so you can expect real ice in heat load conditions of 80°F and above.


Reliable & Dependable

Our ice rinks arrive pre-assembled for easy set-up, but we won’t just ring the doorbell and leave it at your door. We'll walk you through every step of the way and offer extensive support even after it's up and running!

Build today.
Skate Tomorrow!

In spring, summer, fall or winter—bring the joy of ice skating to your community, recreational center, entertainment destination, private or public event!  Create an experience.  Start a tradition!

Who We Are

Ice-America is founded by and primarily comprised of ice skating professionals—both from the hockey world and figure skating entertainment industry.  With our combined firsthand understanding and knowledge of ice, we’ve got you covered.

What We Do

We work with you to design, build and install temporary and permanent ice rink attractions and projects regardless of the season, as well as provide complete event management and technical support beyond build completion.

Why Us

We have been providing the ultimate experience in portable and custom ice rinks from coast to coast across the North American region since 2008.  From outdoor to indoor rinks, big projects or small, we’ll deliver exactly what you ask for, if not more!  

Transform the way your patrons experience ice skating this year!

Goodbye to awkward walkers and heavy fiberglass skating aids that easily tip over!  This winter, give your patrons something that they can rely on and keep coming back to!


Say “hello” to Bobby® and Tommy®.

Methodically engineered for both experienced and new skaters in mind, meet your friendly skating assistants, Bobby the Seal® and Tommy the Reindeer®!

Make learning fun & positive.

Hold on to them as you take your first steps or push them and your friends around as you gain confidence on the ice!

Safer and uniquely balanced.

Unlike conventional skating aids that are hard to push and can easily tip over, Bobby® is stable and easy to get going with or without a skater sitting on him

Easy to store and maintain.

They are stackable and space-saving by nature! Very considerate assistants that are a good fit for any rink!



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