Ice Skating Rink

Ice-World rink in city centreWith highest demand during the winter season, we set up our standard seasonal temporary mobile ice rinks in many city center, retail center, and special event locations.  Because the Ice-World rinks from Ice-America can function in all seasons,  ice rinks are not just for Christmas but create immense fun all year round, even in the summer time!

Ice skating rinks are a great way of stimulating businesses, providing an attraction, creating a unique corporate event or simply having fun any time of the year!

Ice-America offers portable ice rinks in a variety of sizes to suit the location and occasion. The skating rinks are supplied ready-to-skate, complete with perimeter boarding and cooling system. The system is easy to set up in a variety of locations including city centers, shopping malls, holiday parks, sports parks and amusement parks, airports and public buildings.

All Ice-World rinks from Ice-America are up to 40 percent more economical in terms of energy consumption than traditional ice rinks that use either rubber or polyethylene. Moreover, our mobile ice rinks are convenient and quick to set up. Build today, skate tomorrow!

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