6 Ways to Boost Revenue

Admission tickets are the primary source of income for many  seasonal and year-round ice skating facilities.  However, what if we told you there are several other ways to maximizing revenue for your event?  Below are some of the most popular avenues ice rink projects have generated additional revenue!


1) Ticket Sales

Our aluminum floor system maintains superior ice in both rain or shine, so that you can extend your ice rink’s operating hours to earlier and warmer parts of the day.  A rink that opens early and stays open later for business gives visitors more opportunities to come skate!

ice-america-skating aid-revenue-rentals

2) Skates and Skating Aid Rentals

Rent out essentials that complete the skating experience like ice skates, skating aids (i.e. Bobby the Seal® and Tommy the Reindeer®) and special events equipment (Icebyk®)!  Engage your patrons while also engaging an additional stream of income.


3) Sponsorship

Establish partnerships with local businesses and companies in the surrounding community.  Cross-promotion campaigns can drive not only traffic to your ice rink, but also include sponsorship contributions and brand awareness opportunities.


4) Food & Beverage

Join forces with nearby restaurants and bars to offer visitors snacks and drinks during their skating break!  Whether patrons are taking a breather from skating or simply spectating, catering and hospitality services keep visitors satisfied and ready to hop back on the ice after break.


5) Special Events

Special events add value and give a community a holiday focal point!  Connect with local schools and colleges to organize school outings.  Introduce team builders for corporate events and parties.  Incentivize the public with nighttime events like silent discos on ice and live musical performances while they skate.  Don’t forget the classic birthday party bookings!


6) Accessory Sales

Keep items on hand that make the skating experience warm and comfortable for patrons.  Gloves, socks and hats can make all the difference between a short or long stay at the rink.  You can even get your accessories branded!

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