Featured on the BBC and already a hit across Europe, our exclusive Icebyk® puts go-karting right onto the ice for the first time.  It is perfect for ice trails, special events and is a fun attraction for all ages.  Best yet?  No skating is required! 


We are proud to announce that our Icebyk® is a recipient of the 2019 IAAPA Brass Ring award under its “Best New Product” category and “Patron Participation Ride/Attraction” subcategory!

Ice skating is a time-honored tradition during especially the holidays, but what other attractions can you offer to bolster your ice rink’s appeal to the community?

Cue in Icebyk®!

Icebyk® incorporates the sport of cycling to introduce the first-ever bike designed for safe use on the ice!  Create game attractions, racing competitions or social-distancing team builders with it!  Icebyk® adds a uniquely inclusive ice attraction for skaters and non-skaters alike and for both children and adults to enjoy.  Complete with adjustable rear-blade seating, Icebyk® takes drifting to a whole new level of excitement and guarantees fun for the entire family.

You may have heard of Bobby®, Ice-America’s multifunctional skating aid that has perfected fun, learning and safety—all in one go.  We have transformed ice skating into more than just overcoming a learning curve.  Now, we want to make sure that inclusivity becomes a standard for all communities’ ice events.

We are proud of receiving an IAAPA Brass Ring award, but we are even more proud to finally present Icebyk® to the North American market in 2020!

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