We often receive inquiries about whether or not we are that portable ice rink company that can get ice for our clients even in subtropical and tropical climates.

The answer is, of course, yes!


Having a skating tradition in places where temperatures can rise to upwards of 90°F might seem like a pipe dream.  However, with Ice-America’s aluminum pipes, it is no longer a dream!  Aluminum’s immediate cooling capacity compared to competing plastic and rubber floor systems already serves as the foundation for producing real ice in fluctuating weather.  The “cold finger” is a unique technological enhancement to our existing aluminum system that ensures precise conditions of the ice’s top layer even at higher ambient temperatures.


The development of the “cold finger,” first engineered to meet a special project challenge put forth by the mayor of Mexico City for his outdoor Christmas square, was implemented in 86°F weather in an open-air environment.  This rink would successfully become known as the largest outdoor skating rink in both American continents, garner worldwide tourist attention and hailed by National Geographic as one of the best skating rinks in the world.


Awaken not only to this new possibility for places in warmer climates to have an outdoor ice skating tradition.  Awaken also to the potential of operating your ice rink at hours when competitor rinks are still closed for business.  Ice-America’s technologically-advanced floors can handle and keep ice solid in higher heat load conditions, which means opening your doors to patrons even in sunny midday heat.


We pride ourselves in providing technology that is best-in-class and most importantly, efficient.  The “cold finger” enhancement coupled with our floors further increase freezing capacity while remaining in line with savings up to 40% on overall energy costs.

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