The Benefits
of Aluminum

There are several kinds of ice rink floor systems on the market today.  Most are made of plastic (PE) or synthetic rubber (EPDM) tubing.  So, why consider our aluminum ice floor system instead?

✔ Reliability

Aluminum has excellent cooling capacity.  Consequently, Ice-America’s aluminum floor system can quickly adjust to sudden temperature spikes while maintaining real ice even in high outdoor temperatures up to 90°F.  This allows us to produce superior ice that consumes less energy than traditional plastic and rubber floors in humidity, rain or shine! 

✔ Yes, we're open!

Aluminum’s ability to directly and immediately deliver cold to the ice means that your rink can stay open and maintain longer operating hours even during the warmer parts of the day!  So, let your patrons know that “yes, we’re open for business!”

✔ Straightforward Assembly

Our patented aluminum ice rink floors are designed as a fold-out system with quick-release couplings for easy assembly without elaborate tools and transport.  Not only will our Ice-America Ice Experts be on hand to lead you every step of the way, but we will also train your staff in how to best and most efficiently maintain your rink.

✔ Adaptability

Ice-America’s floor system is conveniently foldable, so it is also spatially adaptive for easy set-up virtually anywhere.  As a modular system, you can scale to a variety of shapes or sizes for existing venue spaces or expand your rink system with add-on floor modules.

✔ Sustainable

When it comes to aluminum, you are looking at much more durable investment compared to conventional plastic and rubber.  By its own nature and our system’s fold-out construction, the freezing cylinders are leak-resistant and freezes so efficiently that Ice-America rinks consume up to 40% less energy.  As well, our aluminum components are made up of over 95% reusable or eventually, recyclable units.

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