The Ice-World ice rink from Ice-America

The fold-out aluminium portable ice rink consists of a series of fold-out elements that are easily connected to each other using a few quick-release couplings.
What makes the system unique is the fold-out aluminium ice floor, which can easily be unfolded without tools or equipment, just like a huge tablecloth.  The system combines speed with quality, because everything is pre-assembled and tested at the factory, so we set up your ice rink today and you skate tomorrow!.

Sustainable ice rinks

As from 1 November 2009, Ice-World has commissioned wind turbines to provide 3 gigawatts of wind energy every year. This amount of power is the equivalent of energy which our ice rinks use world wide.

The Ice-World aluminium ice rink saves up to 40% in energy costs

Years of experience prove that the Ice-World ice floors save a great deal of energy in comparison with traditional ice rinks made of EPDM or PE. Energy consumption in comparison with other ice rinks is very economical as a result of using the best cold-conductor, aluminium, and the fact that the cooling pipes are in and not under the ice. This means the cooling system can make and maintain ice using much less energy, even in summer temperatures!
In 2009, Ice-World gave the engineering firm Sparkling Projects the task of physically underpinning this energy saving. TNO/TÜV checked the calculation models and tested the various products in their laboratory. Both TNO and TÜV came to the conclusion that the Ice-World rink saved up to 40% in energy costs.

Environmental and energy conscious ice rinks

The manufacture, rental, sale, assembly and disassembly of the mobile aluminium ice rinks are carried out in a sustainable manner. Aluminium and all other components of the ice rinks are reused.
Ice-World is ISO-14001 certified. The responsible handling of the environmentally-friendly cooling agent propylene glycol, the recycling of aluminium, the correct handling of waste materials and the use of approved ozone-safe primary gasses all comply with environmental requirements.

Ice-World and Ice-America are aware of their responsibility to burden the environment as little as possible while producing ice rinks. In this document, the measures taken and to be taken by Ice-World with regard to sustainable business are explained.

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