Our COVID Strategies

Navigating the "new normal" together.

We have all been reacquainted with the benefits of being outdoors in this "new normal," so it is undeniable what getting outside for some fresh air can do for you!

Outdoor exercise and leisure, without a doubt, is now the go-to activity.

Why is an outdoor holiday ice rink the solution for you?

Outdoor activities are widely considered lower risk and are even encouraged since staying physically active is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy.

Being in spaces that are open and non-enclosed provide for all the following conditions:


What does this "new normal" look like?

Rest assured that we will be walking you through the process and outlining new requirements and safety protocols every step of the way! All ice rinks will be tailored to your individual event locations to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations.

That means everything from how to implement advanced reservations and contactless ticket sales to designing optimal layouts that facilitate the appropriate physical distance among patrons. Below is a suggested layout on which you can expect us to elaborate when discussing plans. It illustrates designated areas and lanes for safe entry and exit between different zones, which will also assist with capacity monitoring.


How to Social Distance Creatively

In an era of maintaining social distance, designated lanes and zones is one way to effectively adhere to new capacity limits. There are, however, more creative methods to directing patrons without compromising the event experience!

"The Base" is our multi-functional product that can be used to enhance the layout of your ice rink and create new experiences like never before in this "new normal." Naturally maintain traffic flow and safely guide your skaters through your event with decorative centerpieces, sponsorship partitions, mazes and rest stations.


How have we been doing our part?

Safety has always been our first priority! So, protecting the health and well-being of our team and clients during this heightened time is important to us.

As we continue to consult and work on developing projects in the pipeline, here is how we have been creating a safer environment for you and our staff.



Develop Your Project Plans

We’ll help you get the scope of your plan and project ideas on paper.


Confirm Your Event Details

Establish and confirm the details tailored to your specific project needs.


Finalize Draft Agreements

Finalize project terms and get your agreement teed up by April 1st to guarantee availability for your project.


Here We Go!

You are now set. We will connect you to our team and project leads and get the puck gliding, so to speak!

Let's get the conversation going today!

  Get in touch with our team for details and quotes.