Grand oval 400 metre rink

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grand oval 400 meter ice rinkUntil recently, a 400-metre “Grand Oval” ice rink was a fixed installation that required an investment running into the millions.
In 2007, Ice-World developed the mobile “Grand Oval”, a 400-metre ice rink which can be set up for a few days or installed at a permanent location. This fold-out ‘Grand Oval’ ice rink, supplied with inflatable boarding, can be set up anywhere – for instance in sports or exhibition halls – and, thanks to its flexibility, has a vast range of potential applications.
At a single location, it can double as a 400 m competition track in one season and as a rink for other activities in the summer. Or, if you are expecting a lot of visitors, you can add an extra mobile rink for your skating event.
The possibilities are almost endless, especially when you consider that it only takes two days to install the ice rink and prepare it for use, after which it is just as good as a permanent “official” 400-metre ice rink.

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