UGA Hockey at The Classic Center

Ice-America Portable Ice Hockey Rink
brings home games to the University of Georgia!


The Classic Center of Athens, Georgia, steps up to the plate and purchases Ice-World’s patented foldable aluminum ice floor from Ice-America.

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Ice-America offers purchase and rental options for the Ice-World ice floors in the USA and Canada.  Call us at:  323-776-9423

                  First Home Game                                                      The UGA Hockey Team

UGA Head Coach John Hoos and Club President David Hicks spearheaded the project with The Classic Center’s GM Paul Cramer, hiring Ice-America to help create a viable solution for home hockey games and holiday ice skating – without the expense and difficulties of a permanent ice floor.

The inaugural game was sold out to a crowd of over 2,500 fans and Sponsors have quickly signed up for the 2014-2015 home season.   GO DAWGS!!

UGA Hockey in The Classic Center
IMG_0048For over 20 years, the UGA Hockey Team has waited to play their first home game in Athens, Georgia.

A new ice floor option in North America brought life to their dream, creating a viable solution to the challenge of building an NHL ice rink up to 8 times annually, all on a sport tile and carpeted floor inside a bustling convention center where speed is key!

Coach John Hoos:  “….the ice system you have pioneered and that you continue to perfect allowed me bring a viable ice system to The Classic Center, and the system is large part of what allowed the idea of quick ice install and removal in very busy exhibition hall to be approved by the center and the city, and become reality….It is the professionalism, knowledge, and execution of all of the claims of the Ice World system by Ice America, along with the dedication and work ethic of all of you which has made this 20+ year vision of hockey in Athens a reality.”

The Ice-World system can create a hockey rink extremely fast – in ideal situations as little as 36 hours, and teardown in as few as 24 hours.  Now that’s fast!

The Ice-America Team


JD Uhls, Scott Williams, Sky Rei Williams                       Tom Kearney videotaping the
& Azumi Williams in the VIP Lounge                       Ice-America production team in action

Ice-America owners Scott Williams & Tom Kearney would like to thank Ice-World’s Olaf Donkers, our longtime Ice Technician JD Uhls, and HR/Marketing Director Azumi Williams for their hard work on this project.

The team worked around the clock to coordinate the first installation, with boards from Athletica Sport Systems, a chiller/boiler package from Ultimate Fabrication, and hockey lines/white vinyl from JetIce.

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