Boost revenues and enhance the patron experience.

Add value to your ice rink event while maximizing your rink’s income. Whether seasonal or year-round, augment admission sales with rental services that include skate and (our especially fun) skating aid rentals.  Special events and sponsorships, of course, can also generate additional income!



Bobby the Seal®

One part skating aid, one part ride, double the fun!  Engineered for optimal stability with or without a rider, Bobby® is durable and also easily stackable for storage!


Tommy the Reindeer®

Tommy® is a recent addition in 2017, designed as a perfect companion to skaters ages 5 to 9 as they take their first steps on the ice.  Like Bobby®, he’s also stackable!



Our latest inventory product is this ice cycle sensation!  Ideal for special events and parties, ice trails or simply as new program activity for non-skaters at your rink if you catch our “drift”!


"The Base": Dividers and Benches

A multi-function product that enables you to give your rink an instant experience makeover!  It serves as the building blocks to set up dividers, benches and different skating zones on your existing rink!


Ice Tube

If your rink layout or winter festival event incorporates a FunSlide, a slide of ice we build on our system, it wouldn’t be complete without our robust ice tubes, made to last intense runs down the slide at thrilling speeds!


Skates and Skate Racks

Our easy-to-buckle skates make it accessible for skaters of all ages to put on and take off without the mess of knotted laces.  Ensure your rental skates’ longevity with proper, safe and secure storage to boot!


What is "The Base"?

This product serves as a foundation block on which other products are built in various applications to enhance the aesthetic of your existing rink.  Change the layout and revamp your event’s atmosphere every year!


Rest Stations

Designate bench areas right on the ice for patrons to rest, converse and mingle!

Skating Zone Partitions

Divide your rink into different skating zones with foliage wall partitions and tree-lined dividers.


Display decorative centerpieces to transform your rink space, especially during the holidays.

Photo Stands

Create photo opportunity stops on the ice with whimsical stand-ins customized to match your event goals.


Winter Olympics

In case you missed it airing nationally on NBC during the 2018 Winter Olympics, check out our exciting ice rink installation for Toyota USA’s global “Start Your Impossible” campaign featuring Ashley Wagner! 

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